Colts’ owner Jim Irsay rules out Peyton Manning's chances for return this season – NFL News

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Colts’ owner Jim Irsay rules out Peyton Manning's chances for return this season – NFL News
Only few days after doctor gave a hope to Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning for his recovery and possible return to his side at some point later this season Colts owner Jim Irsay said that he did not believe the player would
be able to make it to this year.
Talking to media Irsay said that he did not believe that the timeframe will allow Manning to play a game before closure of current regular season of National Football League (NFL).
"I really don't see that," was Jim Irsay's reply when he was asked about his opinion on chances of Peyton Manning's return. "I think with the timeframe we have left, I think it's something where it will go into the offseason,"
he added.
Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Caldwell also backed Irsay's take on Manning's return. Manning was seen standing besides the coach during their practice session on past Wednesday. The team management however has yet to make an official
statement about status of his injury.
The coach said that he did not believe that Manning will join the squad for practice this week adding that he was not sure either if he would do so before end of current regular season.
The latest scans results had brought positive news for Peyton Manning last week as his doctor confirmed his recovery was on track since his surgery in September this year (2011).
The doctor allowed him to intensify his workout but refused to give him a timeline for his return to join his squad.
Manning himself had sounded positive to make a comeback. His hopes were in line with his younger brother Eli Manning’s assurance that Peyton was working hard to return to play before closing of current regular season.
The Indianapolis Colts have kept Peyton on their active roster throughout this season hoping that he will be back to their squad. It is yet to be seen when he is back.
The winless Colts despite discussing almost all options including seeking a replacement for Manning have so far refrained from exercising all those.
Their vice chairman Bill Polian had said earlier they will wait until April next year to decide about the Peyton Manning’s future.



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