Jurgen Klopp urges his troops to focus on the Bundesliga after Champions League exit

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Jurgen Klopp urges his troops to focus on the Bundesliga after Champions League exit
Borussia Dortmund manager, Jurgen Klopp, has urged his troops to focus on the Bundesliga after crashing out of the Champions League on Tuesday. He was confident of making it to the competition against next season, and vowed to perform much better next time
Klopp was talking in the wake of his team’s 3-2 loss to Olympique Marseille at home on Tuesday, which saw them crash out of the Champions League.
The French side travelled away to Signal Iduna Park on Tuesday, December 6, and emerged as 3-2 winners after trailing 2-0 inside the first 32 minutes. Jakub Blaszczykowski and Mats Hummels scored goals for the home side.
However, the manager told that his team are still upbeat despite losing an important group F game, and would focus on to win domestic championship for the second time in running.
He admitted to his team’s unsettling European campaign this season but refrained from criticising anyone in particular. Instead, he showered praise on his side for their resilient displays and lauded them on their outstanding domestic form.
The manager urged his side not to mourn the Champions League debacle as there will be another opportunity next year to make amends for their performances.
He was of the view that the Borussians made a perfect start to the game, and there was a firm belief amongst the fans when the home side were 2-0 up before the 35-minute mark.
While talking to reporters after Tuesday’s defeat, the tactician further enthused:
"This match was emblematic of our entire Champions League campaign. We started according to plan, with a lot of discipline, calmness and flexibility. We absolutely deserved to go 2-0 up, but then we conceded a goal from a cross that we should have shut down
and Remy managed to get the jump on our defenders.”
"It's hard to take, but that's the way we've played our whole Champions League season." Klopp concluded.
Borussia Dortmund finished bottom of group F with four points from six games and will return to action on Sunday, December 11, against Kaiserslautern.



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