Great Britain's Davis Cup captain Leon Smith heads Lawn Tennis Association – Tennis News

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Great Britain's Davis Cup captain Leon Smith heads Lawn Tennis Association – Tennis News
Davis Cup Captain, Leon Smith, captain of the Davis Cup, has been burdened with further responsibility to head the men and women tennis in the Lawn Tennis Association as well. A new four year contract is also in place that will
enrich the responsibilities of the former British number one, Greg Rusedski, who recently helped the Great Britain to their first Junior Davis Cup title. He will continue to groom the eight to fifteen year old youngsters and is expected to bring more titles
for Great Britain.
James Trotman is expected to join the team of Rusedski, Martin Weston, Magnus Tideman, Julien Hoferlin, Colin Beecher, Nick Weal and James Davidson take charge of men’s coaching team and it’s just about the formal agreement signature
ritual that would seal the deal.
Former head of women’s tennis, Nigel Sears, departs for Serbia to coach the former world no. 1, Ana Ivanovic. Smith takes over the charge from him and would nurture the women’s tennis at the LTA. Smith was really excited with this
proposal and stated “I am very fortunate to be working already with a fantastic team of coaches and player support staff, and my priority now will be to work with Iain Bates [LTA women's tennis manager] to recruit a new head coach for women's tennis, as well
as a new captain of the GB Fed Cup team."
Roger Draper, Lawn Tennis Association Chief Executive, was excited to have a mix of international plus domestic coaches to train the prolific youngsters. This will definitely reap us fruitful returns in long-term and would help
bring perfection to their game play. He said “I am confident we have a world-class team in place. As the national governing body for British tennis, we are committed to identifying and supporting our most talented athletes”.
There are two other changes being made following Smith’s change of duties. Louis Cayer, former head of Britain's doubles teams, has been placed as the head of performance coaching while Simon Jones will continue his duty as head
of performance support.



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