How much is the match attax card for Javier Hernandez worth

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How much is the match attax card for Javier Hernandez worth?
Javier Hernández Balcázar is a Mexican footballer who was discovered by Manchester United legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson. He was signed in total secrecy, even his own grandfather did not know. He is exciting player to watch and I wish Man U gave him more playing time. Hernández shirt says his nick name Chicharito, instead of his real name.
Now that he is wanted by six European clubs and Manchester united is saying he is not on sale, chances of him playing are high.

I am hoping this card is going to be worth lot more as the time goes by. The current match attax stats on Javier Hernandez card are as follow:
Defense number : 18

Shoot : 88

Skill : 70

Pass : 64
Attack number : 82

Speed : 74

Tackle : 19

Power : 65
His price on top is : 7.5 million pounds
Is this a good card to keep or should I trade it with someone?

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