Jason Marquis out of the season after menacing leg injury – MLB News

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Jason Marquis out of the season after menacing leg injury – MLB News
Jason Marquis had his leg broken on Monday as he was hit in his lower right leg by a line drive from the New York Mets’ centre right fielder Angel Pagan. The unexpectedly dreadful incident has now taken the starter off for the rest of the season.
This came at a time when Marquis was recently traded by the Arizona Diamondbacks from the Washington Nationals.
The tests that he underwent and his results were no less than a shock for Marquis. He initially just assumed that it was a standard bone bruise and continued playing. However, as the game progressed, Marquis realised that it was much more serious than he
first anticipated.
While Marquis might have thought it was not something worrying, it was by the end of the game that gravity of the situation became crystal clear. "Obviously, on that last pitch to (Josh) Thole on the push-off I just felt something pop, and (the doctor) said
it pretty much completed the break."
There were reports that the player might well go off the remaining season owing to the nature of the injury he has sustained. The news was more than astounding for the Arizona Diamondbacks as Marquis was brought in to strengthen the team.
The 32-year-old former Washington Nationals’ veteran Marquis was a valuable addition to the Arizona Diamondbacks. But the Monday night game proved to be a nightmare for the Arizona starter.
When he was traded, Willie Bloomquist (a veteran infielder) was thrilled. “He's a guy that knows how to pitch, how to eat up innings and keep his team in the game. He's a good sinkerball guy, which will fit well in our ballpark.”
After losing Xavier Nady for almost three weeks, the loss of Marquis will be a huge blow to the Arizona Diamondbacks just when they were expecting a morale boost by his arrival in the team. Arizona has so far got five of their players suffer from broken
bones this year.
Having played 23 games this season he pitched 132 innings, allowing 154 hits and 74 runs. While he was solely responsible for winning his previous team, the Washington Nationals some wins, he could not stop the defeats.
His ERA remained 4.43. The 32-year-old has a career spanning for 11 years with 326 games played so far, having given up 1758 hits and allowed 930 runs. His career ERA stands at 4.55.
It will be interesting to see how Arizona manages to deal with the sudden loss of the Marquis to injury. His contribution to the team was just starting as he recently arrived from Washington. Only time will tell what type of impact his absence will have
on the team.



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