Broken leg: WR Marc Mariani’s season-ending injury leaves void for Tennessee Titans - NFL News

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Broken leg: WR Marc Mariani’s season-ending injury leaves void for Tennessee Titans - NFL News
The Tennessee Titans have confirmed that the injury of their wide receiver Marc Mariani is a broken leg, which has almost ended the current season run for him and inflicted a serious setback to the team’s preparations for this season just before its start
next month.
Reports of Marc suffering a serious injury emerged soon after the player was seen being fitted with an air cast on the field on Thursday and later scan results showed he had broken his left leg at the calf position. The injury occurred after the receiver
snapped his leg just above ankle during a play.
He was taken on the sidelines immediately and later shifted to the locker room. The Titans have conceded that the player will be out of the side for the rest of the season and that his departure has created a certain void at his position.
As the team is silent about finding a replacement for him, Darius Reynaud is likely to perform into his role in the meantime.
Coach Mike Munchak was clearly disappointed about the development but did not offer much to say how he is going to cover up Marc’s absence. The coach said it was the only negative outcome of their game against the Arizona Cardinals, which they won and all
seemed to have gone well for them throughout.
Mike noted with concern there is a little or no chance of Marc’s recovery and return this season but hopes it happens, which will be good news for the team.
The Titans are aiming to make it to the playoffs this season after falling short of it last season but the injury blows such as Marc’s do not bode well to their hopes and preparations.
Marc has lately assumed the status of one of the league’s top return men. His performance had also remained impressive last season. He returned all kickoffs for the team to help the side rank fifth overall in the National Football League (NFL). In total
the player had 46 of their 47 punts.
So his flexibility to perform at multiple positions makes his exit even more felt by the Titans.



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