Minnesota Twins’ Jason Marquis looking for a strong season – MLB News

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Minnesota Twins’ Jason Marquis looking for a strong season – MLB News 
Twins’ Jason Marquis is one of the most dynamic pitchers in the squad right now. Having played thirteen Major League Baseball seasons in his seventeen year long professional career, he has great amount of experience under his belt. Pitching for six different teams, he has made 326 MLB appearances so far in his career. 
In addition to his amazing throwing abilities, the starter is known for his durability and reliability. He hardly misses any games during the regular season and his workload in the minor league and postseason is also quite remarkable.
Undoubtedly, he has one of the strongest arms in MLB right now. To cope with the demanding schedule of MLB season, the pitcher follows a very strict training routine. He showed up for the pre spring training camp earlier than his team-mates and he has been working out hard since then.
Above all, he always sees room for improvement in his game play, which makes him a special player to have in the team. The right handed pitcher suffered from a serious arm injury in 2010 but he showed great determination and dedication to bounce back strongly. Listening to his coaches’ advice, the 33 year old considers practice an important part in getting him ready to pitch the season.
"How many guys come back from surgery and say, 'Oh man, this is the strongest I've felt,'?" he said. "That's because they probably put work in that they never put in when they're healthy. I have the mindset that I had an injury and I'm going to rehab it like I had an injury to rebuild strength so I come into the season strong and fresh."
"I always tell myself that I'm going to take it nice and easy," he said, "but I get so amped up and excited to be on the mound that I overdo it the first one every year. Without fail."
Marquis signed a one year $3 million contract with the Twins in December last year. He will be looking to make the most of available opportunities before he calls it a career. It will be interesting to see if he can put up consistent performances to upgrade his contract next year.



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