Nick Mccrory wins Men’s 10m Platform crown: 2011 AT&T National Diving Championships

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Nick Mccrory wins Men’s 10m Platform crown:  2011 AT&T National Diving Championships
Nick Mccrory put on a great show in competitive diving on the final day of the 2011 AT&T National Diving Championships in Los Angeles, California, on Monday, August 15.
The final session of the championship held the Men’s 10m Platform final. In the corresponding meet, Mccrory took home the golden crown by a sterling mark of 497.35 points. While speaking about his individual dive, Mccrory stated, “Fortunately I was able
to recover from worlds and get ready for nationals. I was feeling a little fatigued today, but I'm glad I competed.”
Meanwhile, David Boudia snared the silver title of the event with an impressive score of 469.90 points and Benjamin Grado of Tucson Diving Team captured the bronze medal with a scintillating mark of 431.05 points. Thomas Finchum was placed fourth with a
total score of 423.90 points, while Logan Shinholser of H2okie Aquatics finished fifth with a mark of 378.60 points, whereas, Steele Johnson settled sixth with a total score of 370.50 points.
Cole Young of McCormick Divers was placed seventh with a score 352.50 points. Dashiell ENOS was placed eighth with 337.05 points, while Toby Stanley settled ninth with a mark of 314.85 points. Ford Mcliney of Jayhawk Diving Club was placed tenth with a score
of 313.35 points, whereas, Zachary Nees of Indiana Diving wound up eleventh with 308.90 points. Mark Anderson of Mission Viejo was placed twelfth with a total mark of 302.05 points.
Earlier in the day, Stanford Diving’s Cassidy Krug won the Women’s 3-metre crown of the championships with a sterling mark of 318.20 points. After the match, Krug stated, “I had a good meet, but I wish I'd done a little better on some things. There were
a few things that could have been smoother. Every competition is more experience, and winning is a great confidence booster.”
In the meantime, Summer Allman of Legacy Diving earned the silver medal with a scintillating mark of 315.75 points and Christina Loukas of Woodlands Diving Academy picked bronze title with an impressive score of 306.50 points.



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