Free agent Jason Marquis signs with Minnesota Twins for one year – MLB News

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Free agent Jason Marquis signs with Minnesota Twins for one year – MLB News
Free agent pitcher and long time National League veteran, Jason Marquis has finally agreed to come in the American League to test his skills. Marquis has signed one-year contract with Minnesota Twins worth $3 million on Thursday, December 22, 2011.
Marquise said in a statement, “Other than trying to lobby for some at-bats, I don't think it's going to change much.”
Later, the Twins general manager, Terry Ryan also said in the media regarding little details of deal with Marquise. Ryan said, “He's a groundball machine and he throws the ball over the plate, if they're all healthy, that certainly fortifies our bullpen,
we’re closing in, we’ve got a little wiggle room here.”
Before joining hands with the Twins management, the 33 year-old Marquise played for several Major League teams including the Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies, Washington Nationals and the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Prior to his signing with the Twins, his former team, the Diamondbacks declined team options on him making Marquise a direct free agent for 2012 season. While Marquise was looking for a new contract in the MLB, he never thought that he would play for an
American League team in near future but as he and his agent went further, many American League teams offered them a potential contract including the Minnesota Twins.
Later, both sides agreed to sign a one-year deal and now experts are suggesting that Marquise’ arrival in the Twins franchise would hugely benefit them in the future season.
First, he pretty much knows several National League teams and their playing styles and now he will pitch against the very those teams where he himself has played. Secondly, Marquise will fulfill the Twins’ need of a good starter as all the other four starters
cannot play every game with full energy. The starters always need a little rest before every MLB game and arrival of Marquise will certainly prove a backing support for all these existing four pitchers.
His past eleven year’s record has been phenomenal as he has a 4.55 ERA along with 104-98 win-loss record, 976 strikeouts and 1.43 WHIP so far, while his last season’s performance with the Diamondbacks also remained consistent as he achieved a 4.43 ERA with
8-6 win-loss record, 76 strikeouts and 1.49 WHIP.



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