Los Angeles Lakers Andrew Bynum staying home in the lockout – NBA Update

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Los Angeles Lakers Andrew Bynum staying home in the lockout – NBA Update
Andrew Bynum revealed in a recent interview that he didn’t have any designs for leaving the United States to play overseas. The overseas bug has caught on to a number of NBA stars during the lockout.
The National Basketball Players Association has been encouraging players to look for a job abroad because they foresee a long lockout and possibly could use it as a pressure tactic against David Stern and the NBA. Many NBA players
have jumped on the bandwagon simply because it provides them with a bit of security in terms of continued income, however small it might be.
Others have said it is better to play than lie around idle while some just want it for the experience. Deron Williams, the New Jersey Nets point guard, is the biggest name so far to have agreed a deal abroad. He signed with Turkish
club Besiktas earlier in the summer and looks set to move soon, although he does have an escape clause in his contract in case the NBA ends the lockout.
Andrew Bynum though doesn’t have any such desire. The Los Angeles Lakers centre revealed that he was happy at the moment and would keep working out so that he is in shape when the season begins, which he believes will happen sooner
or later,
“I'll stay here and stay in shape. [The lockout] seems bad, but I don't think anyone wants to lose games. Player salaries aren't the issue as much as people buying teams and arenas that have been devalued by the things that are
part of everyone's life now. We might miss training camp, but I think the season will start on time.”
Bynum’s optimism is a breath of fresh air in what has been projected as a doom and gloom scenario by most concerned. David Stern has repeatedly said that he didn’t see any progress being made while NBPA Executive Director Billy
Hunter went as far as to say that he didn’t expect there to be an NBA season for 2011-2012.
Bynum though is not that pessimistic and said he is trying not to think about it too much. As a player his job was to stay fit and stay in shape so that when his team calls him, he is ready to answer and perform at his best levels.
The player is already looking forward to next season and says he wants to win as much as possible. Bynum has been labelled as immature by many commentators but his recent words suggest the player is now focused on what is important;
“It's all about winning championships. Working hard is the most important thing. People remember you only if you win. Period.”



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