How to get fridge working with propane in travel trailer?

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I have a 69 travel trailer in great shape. The fridge works very well with electricity but when I put it on propane it does not work. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem. How to clean? Thanks




  1. Is the coil that holds the ammonia in it for cooling purposes have a leak? If there is no ammonia sealed within the coils will not is info on how they work

  2. you say it runs on electric. Does that mean that there is an electric  heating element for the  Amonia Generator??

    I am familiar with propane fridges but never had one that would run on electric. All of mine ran on a pilot lite.

    I have also seen full size  household fridges that also work this way.

  3. This is a really good question.  I have a unit that's propane and the problem started in my tank.  I had to get that unplugged first after filling it up, then the regulator had to be checked and worked on and then the line to the unit had to be examined, but that's where you are now.  Are you smelling gas when you turn the gas on?  You need to make sure its clean and then you should light the pilot light.  But everything along the line should be checked out.

  4. Be sure the trailer is absolutely LEVEL.

    Apparently the mechanism in the fridge requires  it to be level for the proper movement of the gas that exchanges the heat. ( I know this sounds off the wall but it is what the operators manual for my trailer/fridge says)



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