Paint shower curtain rod?

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I live in an apartment and have a metal shower rod attached by screws.

Can I paint rather than replace the rod?




  1. yes use a gloss paint but make sure you take the rail off the wall first or you will get runs on the rod

  2. I would not paint the shower curtain rod, instead get spray paint that bonds well to metal, and maybe some clear coat protective spray paint as well to keep it on after it gets foggy and hot, paint wouldn't last as long.

  3. Sure why not or just add a few metal accessories to accent...remenber to use  paint for metal to cover it or it will peel when you slide your curtains down

  4. Yes you can.  The easiest way to do it is with spray paint, that's how I did mine.  Make sure you get a kind thats for outdoors that way water and moisture don't ruin it.

  5. No, you can't paint the rod.  You don't own it.  The landlord does!

  6. Yes but there's no need to.  They make the very cheap plastic sleeves that go over shower curtain rods, and they come in many colors.  They also have the advantage of fixing that "curtain ring sound" as rings are pulled across a metal rod.  They have them in all the major stores.

  7. Yes. I would use spray paint especially for metal surfaces. Make sure to clean it well and allow it to dry before applying the paint.

  8. use an oil based metal paint rather than water based latex

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