Were do I stand: Problem with work carried out by wooden floor repairs company?

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I have just had my wooden floors repaired and varnished but I am unhappy with some aspects of the work as they are not acceptable for the price paid. Where do I stand, I could stop the cheque if needs be.

The main issue being they have not kept to the original parket flooring pattern. It looks very poor...




  1. First you need to call them and explain your problem.  If they don't seem inclined to correct the matter then I'd certainly stop the check.

  2. Stop the check first for once it clears the bank..It cannot be stopped...then work on having them correct the situation..

  3. issuing a check in payment of a debt and subsequently informing the bank to not honor it may be a crime in certain cases.

  4. Phone the company or whoever did the work, and tell them you want ssomeone to have a look at the flooring because in your opinion the work is substandard. Also tell them you are witholding payment until it is done to your satisfaction.

  5. Stop the check right now.

    Get out the original proposal this company gave you. I hope you have a written contract.

    And I hope it stated that the pattern was to be similar to the original parquet.

    Take photos of the job, close-ups are good.

    Send them a registered return receipt letter stating all the facts, and the problems. Send duplicate photos.

    State that you are withholding payment until the floor is installed properly within 10 days of your letter date.

    Also state if not corrected within that time, you will hire another flooring contractor to fix the floor, you will not pay them anything, and you will possibly take them to small claims court to recover additional costs to re-install another floor.

    Make sure you send it registered mail, where you get a confirmation that the owner received it.

    That will get them off their butts.

  6. You immediately stop payment on the cheque. Hold that payment until the job is completed in a satisfactory manor.

    Contact the business owner and voice your concerns and see what happens. If the pattern was drawn up and agreed upon you defiantly have a legal stand. The company may threaten to take you to small claims court so let them. It'll cost them more than fixing the floor.

    Good luck.

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