Why does my toilet water level go higher than it normally does when I flush?

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Usually when I flush the water level goes up a little bit, but for some reason now it goes a lot higher than normal (not enough to overflow) and when it's finished flushing, and it returns to normal water level when it is not is use, the water level doesn't seem to be any higher than it has ever been, as if there isn't a problem with it. can anyone help? I don't think it's deeper in teh drainage because I have run the taps and the bather and the water goes down teh sink as normal.




  1. You have a partial blockage; either in the toilet itself or the sewer beneath.  I would attempt using a plunger to dislodge the blockage before doing anything else.  You may have to use it for a little while to build up the suction to move the clog.  It probably won't get better so you need to do this sooner rather than later.

  2. Do you live on a septic or on city water.  It sounds like a back up someplace.

  3. dude.. get ur drainage checked for a clog.. thats the only reason.. shitwater comes popping up.!!!

  4. sounds like you have a clogged drain line

  5. Something is causing a partial clog in your toilet.

    Using a plunger vigorously will work most times.

  6. Definitely a partial block.  There is a much higher volume of water entering the sewer at one time when you flush than when you run your shower or sink - that's why you only notice when you flush.  Try the plunger.  You may also want to use a snake if the clog is further down the line.

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