I had a really weird dream a few years ago, What does it mean?

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I had this really weird dream a few years ago.

I had no idea who I was. I met some people and I had to make a journey from one of their cities another one to find out something of my past. When I got there I was brought before a lady and a lord. I still didn't know who I was, even after I talked to these people. I remember being confused. and then I woke up.




  1. maybe you were remembering  a past life you've lived.  get the book, in search of bridey murphy.

  2. It could be from a past life, if you believe in that. Or it could just be a dream. Sometimes dreams leave a great impression on us, like it is some sort of clue that we have to answer. It could be just the feeling of having no control of your waking life that time, that you might had. If it's a recurring dream, I would say that you are feeling that you are under a new process in your life to do new things, and not sure about it. Dreams often time is a reflection of our waking life, see what is it that is troubling you.

  3. Yeah it could of been a dream of your past life :)

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