I am 31 & my looks are fading, helppppppp???

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last year i was 30 & i looked facially attractive, youthful, but this year as i turned 31, my once chissled face got chubby & i got bags under my eyes & wrinkles on my face & my hair is thinning on top. What can i do to look facially chissled again?

BTW this year i have eaten alot of junkfood...




  1. start working out

    the natural engery will revivalize your body

  2. I just sounds like you let yourself go, so to speak. You need to lay off the junk food (OBVIOUSLY). Start working out, jogging is a good option. Get more sleep (Easier said then done huh? Ha ha I know, but you need to). It just sounds like your freaking out because your 31 and you think that your looking older.. Age is just a number hun, we've all heard it a million times, but it doesn't make it any less true. As long as you feel great, and are energetic and bright people will notice that, and not the bags under your eyes or your 'un chiseled face'.. My best advice to you is to just start jogging, and lay off the c**p. Once you start getting more energy, you'll feel like your back in your twenties!

    Hope this helped! ☺

  3. If you diet and exercise, you will lose fat.  When you lose fat, you lose fat all over your entire body-  including your face.  If you want to see that jawline again, you must start leading an active and healthy life.

    You can start by not eating right before bed because your body will not be able to burn off the calories in time for bedtime.  It will just store them as fat.  You can eat a simple low-fat diet... do not start a fad diet, as they just make you drop muscle weight and water weight.  At least 1/2 an hour of cardiovascular activity several times a week will help, as well.  This can be anything from swimming, walking, running, or biking.  

    Also, start wearing sunscreen.  The sun can age you tremendously because it causes damage to your skin.  Stay away from smoking and alcohol, which both dry out the skin.  As for the bags under your eyes, make sure you are getting enough sleep and aren't stressed!  Smoking and a vitamin-deficient diet can also be a culprits.  Keep the skin moisturized!!!

  4. you are imagining this I am sure, but lay off the junk food.  You are probably missing out on nutrients.  

    Use the stuff women use on their faces as far as face wash, moisturizer and a mask.  It might help.

  5. OK, if your hair is thinning then you need to shave it, or get a buzz cut. Even guys in suits are doing it, it looks way better than trying to cling on to what you have. It's even s**y!

    As we get older (and I know, I'm 35) it gets harder to stay in shape and we naturally put weight on. I put on a heap, my face got fat and I looked awful. I started running, got a personal trainer and I do some resistance / weight work at home. I've lost the weight and my face looks much better. You just need to cut the junk, drink mainly water (no soda, cut down on the juice too), loads of fresh food and move, move, move. You'll get your looks back.

  6. Once the aging process begins it can't be reversed. But it can be slowed down by anti-oxidants. Maybe you're not growing old though? Could be the junk food or lack of sleep. I'd say go and do some sports, like play sports with friends (it's more fun), and eat your vegetable and fruits (these are full of anti-oxidants too).  

  7. go to the spa, the gym, and get something done to promote hair growth.

    try eating healthy.

  8. stay healthy once old never young again

  9. first off welcome to the 30somethings.

    - Stop with the junk food you are what you eat.

    - Get regular sleep

    - work out at a reasonable pace

    - start using face wash then add moisturizer to your face when your done with washing.

    - grow a goatee if you can and keep it neatly trimmed it slims down your facial features hope that helps

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