Do you think we have potential in modeling?

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Do you guys think we should sign up for an agency, because we've been getting alot of phone calls saying we should. What do you think?

No rude comments.

Girl 1:

Girl 2:





  1. You both are very pretty girls,

    follow your dreams and don't give up - I think you both sign up for a agency........ Good luck

  2. I don't see why you guys would want to become models. They go through a lot of pressure to fit a certain ideal. It isn't all about posing the latest fashion with your friends. But, it also depends on what type of models you are seeking to be. Maybe like store ad models? Like selling teenage clothes and stuff, sure.

  3. Yeah, then the modeling world will shatter to pieces...

  4. neither of you have ANY chance of becoming models. you are just boring prep girls. get over ur selves. psh people haave been calling you,,, yeah right.

  5. No. Not high fashion. Maybe a catalog for Sears.

  6. I suppose you two are skinny, and pretty, but you don't seem very photogenic.

  7. is this a joke

  8. I'm not trying to be rude here.. But it'll sound like it..

    Honestly I think you guys just look like some average girls that I could see anywhere walking around town..

    Yes, you both are really pretty, but not in a modeling way. Models are fierce and edgy looking.. They have different looks that you don't see everywhere.

    Sorry, but in my opinion you guys just look average..

  9. sure, but be careful some agencies are just scams. They just want ur money

  10. this seems like a joke but i like girl 2s last picture really pretty :)  you guys are both pretty though just dont try so hard

  11. No, you're not model material at all. And what's with all the silly poses? The pursed lips and the heads tossed back.  Fake, fake, fake and juvenile.

  12. umm- u dont wear winter boots in the summer...but i'm from chicago, maybe that's just us... I think you could be commercial models, though. Not, runway.

  13. Hey look!

    Another group of self-centered teenagers!

    Feel free to slam the thumbs down button as many times as your little hearts desire.

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