Clothes Helppp????????

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ok i am going into 8th grade and i am looking for cute and cheap shirts and also true religions or 7's at a very low price :)




  1. go to ross they have stuff there that is very very inexpensive which is awesome

    I buy everything there except for shoes ;)


    I found them on shopzilla searching for some wedges, i bought the pink wedges from them and i love them i would definitely suggest them.

    They are super affordabel and cute, teh only thing is tehy have a small selection.

    But they do have free shipping and everything is like under 20 there are even tops for 7.

  3. Mervyns has great deals, and also Ross,

    Ross has really great clothes that are extremely low in cost!

    You don't want to have the same clothes as everyone else at your school,

    so Ross is honestly the way to go! Usually from 7-15 dollars for a shirt

    sometimes less!


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