(Pic Included) What ethnicity do I look like?

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And how old? Just wondering because every time I tell people they're just like, "REALLY?!"

Hooookay. Oh is this outfit cute?

Minus the shoes. I'm thinking of wearing it to a show, even though no one really cares what you're wearing. :P

Anyways, go for it. :P




  1. That's a cute outfit. But accessorize it, definitely.

  2. You look 14 15, and you look Asian.

    On the outfit it's pretty cute, i dunno if the top is my favorite, but if it's your style, hey go for it!

    You're pretty too (:

  3. Korean, irish. Mixed in with some english.

    I'm sorry, the stupid preps are getting distracted with the clothing.

  4. umm i think u look phillopino (not sure if thats how u spell it btw..)

    yeah the outfit is cute

  5. A mix of Asian + something else. Though I'm usually bad at guessing race.

    I like the outfit. Although I consider it to be in that "hipster" area, I still like it.  

  6. Korean or part Korean ?  And maybe 15 or 16?

  7. You have a cute face and I love your outfit and your shoes. Go for it!

  8. you look asian bout 15-17 and outfit looks fine.

  9. I like the outfit, looks nice.  It looks good with the shoes too, so wear them (:

  10. You are from The Caribbean.

  11. I think you look part Japanese (because of the eyes), middle eastern (Something in your facial features. They are the same as my nieces who are also part middle eastern,) and I think maybe a little european mix also.) Post and let us know. P.S. Not crazy about the outfit, but your cute.

  12. You look like youre from the phillipines...and wear high heels with da outfit to glam it up

  13. u look very pretty

  14. I would say you are 16 years old and probably spanish with a little filipina in you.  The outfit is nice.

  15. you look average....      *walks away

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