Hair professionals please, want to get my hair done?

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ok, at the moment i will just be getting it cut, as im goiong on holiday, but hwen i get back i may go and get it highlighted or something.

but heres what my hair looks like..

please give me links to places with hair which you think will suite.





  1. Your hair looks terrible. Don't go on holiday like that especially if you want to pull.

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  3. WOW!

    You have the bluest, most gorgeous eyes ever!

    I highly suggest dying your hair a darker color, and if you do take this advice dye your eye brows as well, This will help bring the color of your eyes out, and I suggest keeping mascara around, that should be your best friend, Black mascara.

    You should dye your hair a red, brown color. You would look soo pretty ^_^. As for hair cut, You would look great with a stylish bob. Long in the front and short in the back. with side bangs, or fringe.

    Good luck ^_^

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