What style breast augmentation looks the most fake?

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My gf got her b***s done a year ago & went over the muscle.

Her dr said going over the muscle would make them look more fake than going under.

She thinks they look too real & wants to get them redone to look more fake.

What's the best way to get that 'fake' look?

Under/over the muscle?

Type of implant?





  1. Over the muscle and a cirlce shaped ones. Also the bigger the faker looking. Over the muscle is a really bad idea though becasue the chances of it hardening is much higher then when under.

  2. A good rule is that the biggest jump in sizes starts to look more and more fake. If the nipple is stretched to the point that it can no longer get erect and you can see the texture of the implant through the skin you know you're looking very fake.

  3. Oh MEN!

    Breast size.... Is that really all you care about?

    s*x,s*x,.. s*x.

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