Am i Pregnant Helppppppp?

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i had s*x on technically thurs (28th), it was like 2 in the morning. he came in the condom, took off the condom, put on another, came, took it off, then we went again unprotected, but he didnt come this time. could i get pregnant? and should i take the morning after pill? how long can i wait before this pill becomes ineffective?




  1. You could be pregnant, but you could always take the morning after pill if you want to kill a baby that has already began to develop.

  2. that story is hott. But yes you could be pregnant  

  3. Why would you have unprotected s*x?  Doesn't matter if you had used 30 condoms, there is always a chance of becoming pregnant when no condom is used. Good lord,  did you miss school the day s*x ed was taught in school or what?  

  4. Only if your ovulating.Count 14-16 days from the day youstarted your period last

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