What is a condom? ?

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What is a condom? ?




  1. It's a thing (usually made of rubber or latex) that you put over your p***s (kind of like a glove...) so that when you're having s*x you can ejaculate without getting the girl pregnante...

    That's about it...

  2. A sheath you roll over your p***s to prevent STI's and the release of sperm into the woman's v****a.

  3. How cute.

  4. It's a special partyhat that protects you from the rain

  5. it is a rubber sheath you put on your p***s to protect you from STI'S and STD'S, and helps to provent the female pregnant. i hope you no what pregnant means lol hehe :)

  6. You should be talking to ur parents about this but a condom is the latex cap like thing a male puts on his p***s during intercourse to prevent himself from ejaculating inside of the woman to avoid STDS (sexual transmitted diseases) and/ or pregnancy  

  7. sth to put on ur p***s to hav s*x with some1 to prevent diseases n pregnant...

  8. are you serious??? how old are you?

  9. dude how old are you

    its like a rubber glove sort of thing you put on your p***s to prevent s***n from reaching a females v****a

    protection during s*x

    you should be talking to your parents about this not the internet  

  10. Want good condoms? This site will give it to you for free.

  11. It's what you use to protect yourself during s*x. How could you not know that.
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