Electrical, question about outlet tester.?

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Why would the "neutral" light keep going off and on when checking "all" of the outlets in the house? I have two testers, this happens with both. What do I look for to fix this problem?




  1. i'm not sure what kind of tester you are using, but i would get a digital multimeter and chek your 'hot'

    (that would be the smallknife blade slot) to ground(the half-round slot) and to neutral( the wide blade slot), you should have 110-120v to both. you should NOT have 110-120v from neutral(wide blade slot) to ground.If so, you've got a break in connection or something is wired wrong.

  2. By outlet tester, are you talking about a molded plastic, three prong, three light, polarity tester?

  3. by saying the neutral light keeps going off and on, I'm assuming that is the middle light on your tester.  Your also saying it happens on all the outlets in the house.  The right two lights on that tester should stay on and the left one should be off.  I'm assuming the worst that you have a loose wire in your box.  If it affects all the wires in the house then it has to come from the main.  What does the power act like.  Do you have power interruptions or outages?  If you have no problems, what caused you to check the outlets?  I agree with you that you have an issue and need to find out what to do about it.  Maybe you'll get a clearer answer than mine.

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