Has John McCain given up?

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With Palin and her background and the tone of the speeches, it seems like they are shooting for the 25% of the fringe right and leaving everyone else out. Is this a political move from other republic party insiders already looking to 2012 and having given up on 2008?




  1. Take a look at your paycheck today and in a year from now if Obama gets elected then let me now how Obamas doing for ya!

    NOBAMA 08!

    No more taxes ever!

  2. not sure if he giving up. but i think he should give up, cuz McCain is to much like bush. and they bothe suckk

    Voting for OBAMA

  3. OBAMA 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And ya Mccain is going to lose!!!!!

  4. No, its this Bush style Karl Rove-Newt Gingrech rally the base by saying every bad thing you can think of about your opponant, doesn't even have to be true.

  5. I'm going with Jon Stewart............

    He has the BEST journalism in the world.... lol

    I love when they point out the hypopcrisy..... and guess what? It makes sense...... something the repukelicans haven't done in a LONNNNNNNNG time, no wonder there are so many independants.

    Fact:  there are only 28% of repukelicans voting.......

    Fact: Bloomberg is behind Obama all the way.. ( I LOVE bloomy)

    FACT:  According to Intrade and Realclearpolitics Obama is in the lead.

    Thats all I need to know....

  6. It's an all out political bloodbath!  No politician will be clean in the end, none of them!

  7. Are you on drugs.? The poll today is a tie with Obama going down hard and McCain going up fast. Keep dreamin and supporting your dream merchant Obama.

  8. It sounds like it to me to ,  

  9. doesn't look like it to me..  hmmmm

  10. Turn off MTV and go to CNN and listen..

  11. Seems he has seen the writing on the wall

  12. i dont know about given up but mccain definantly gave obama a huge gift when he selected Palin someone who takes away mccain being able to go after obama with lack of experience because if Palin takes over for Mccain we will have found ourselves in big trouble.

    Thanks Mccain for the election over to Obama

  13. I read one explanation that McCain is trying to humiliate his party by forcing them to support Palin just for the fun of it. I wish I could remember where the article is.  

  14. Another brilliant lib question.Another two points.

  15. Could be very true. McCain really has made himself look bad. Stop the old POW stories, tell the country what you plan to do for the people that need help now, and what your plans are to controlling spending the way it has been done up until now. I feel he has fail the Republican party by bring in an unknown, to much time has been spent justifying her experience in Alaska, and not what he and the new Republican party will do for the people. All talk doesn't get anyone anywhere except for more people to ask more questions. I'm voting for John Paul, he might not be all the way on track, but he trys to stay on track.

  16. He has not. Sarah Palin was a strategic move on his part. Her speech last night was ground-breaking. This also is a way to pull in some of the Hill-dog's supporters.  

  17. YOU WISH!!

  18. I think he's just having fun because at his age, he wont make it to 2012.

  19. Is going to pass out - make through he speech?

  20. Yes - do you suppose somebody besides the lunatic right wing religious nuts will vote for this ticket???  

    I sure hope we can get some real and actual leadership.  We sure need it after throwing the last 8 years down the drain.

    Vote Obama - Let's get something done!

  21. I am watching his speech & I want to give up I am feeling very pullled down right now. OH, what BS Cindy loves children. Yeah, what  about the kids whose parents work 2 jobs & use ther beer to put out the pain instead of going to a doctor to care for their health. She makes billions off or them.

  22. I sure do not see how you have gotten this out of what has been said!  

  23. I don't no for certain, but his energy in this speech is AWFUL.  he looks defeated.

  24. yes.....GO OBAMA!!!!

  25. OMG if anything I think that Palin has jettisoned him into the stratosphere.

    Amazing she is simply amazing.

  26. yep. obama has pretty much sacked it

  27. Lets see you say that when Obama loses the election!

  28. Yes!! He looks very defeated giving his speech.

  29. I think your right

    but nobody can see We were set up from the start

    Republicans want Obama to win

  30. She has transcended the status quo political scene at light-speed showing us her razor wit, her biting sarcasm and endearing sincerity. She has shown courage and strength, by putting the needs of the citizens of Alaska both Republican and Democrats ahead of greed, fraud and refusing to sell out to special interests and corrupt politicians.   Sarah Palin last night showed us a new model of not just a female politician,  but a real life example of what the founding father idealized for leaders in the service of it’s citizens. I see her as the nightmare of every politician who from this day forward would put their personal interest or special interest ahead of the interest of all the citizens they were hired to SERVE.  Her family stories were genuine and real. Her commitment to special-needs children was moving. Her contempt for special interests was obvious and long overdue. She is unlike any and every politician I have ever known in my lifetime and I can’t wait to cast me vote for John McCain because I see them as a bright future for America.

  31. its just that the viagra wore off...and..........he cant stay up any longer


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