Does McCain really think he is going to win by dissing the GOP at every opportunity?

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And harping on being a POW?

And the most pathetic part is that these fools at the RNC cheer like crazy banshees every time their party gets insulted by McCain or one of his stooges.

Pathetic, isn't it?




  1. I guess I don't see the same thing you do.  Guess you didn't watch the DNC and all the cheering?  

  2. haha......not really McCain rules

  3. I cannot understand how anyone can believe that line of bull**** he is spewing. When Reagan was in office, and did the same type of bull he is talking about trying, all the plants closed in the area I live in.

    Yep, that really helped the middle class in my area.

    We can't survive another four years of a Mini Me Bush. The first two almost killed us.

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