Are you a "Sam's Club" voter?

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"Sam's club voter" is an actual quote from tonight's Republican Convention. I find it the most depressing analogy I have ever heard..

So are you as a Voter searching for the best Bargain for your dwindling paycheck ,, looking for your best choice at Corporate chain store that is strangling your community?

Sure it is a depressing analogy but that doesn't mean it's wrong.




  1. i thought there were only sams clubs in mexico, because there are no sams clubs in LA

  2. This is the Republican party trying to turn this election into a culture war.  Considering  most Sam's Club locations are not in urban areas, this is also nice way of saying white voters. Fact is, the main issues that effect white voters in rural america are the same issues that effect voters in urban america (jobs, gas prices, eduction, health care, etc). So why do Republicans still feel the need to use code words? Regardless of your party affiliation, we should all want to get past the culture issue and focus on issues that effect the everyday person.  

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