They are saying alot of republicans have checked into Palin is that right?

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I was listening to a talk show and they have been saying they have found Palin has been lying over and over again. Now they are saying that alot are now voting Obama! I knew they would see the truth.




  1. yes, I am proud of these people who are willing to change after all the time they dedicated to something that they know see was wrong. I really appreciate these people so much. Palin is such bad news. She showed McCain's temperment to those they didn't have the opportunity to see it before.


  3. You must be listening to NPR.  Conservative stations are saying she hit a grand slam.  

    The most important thing to do is to go out and look at their voting records.  See who you agree with.  You can learn more at "on the issues."  

    Don't be swayed by what you hear on TV or radio.  It's all going to be slanted one way or the other.  Do your own homework.

  4. Yep, a lot of people found her "speech" last night to be disgustingly dirty and uncalled for.

  5. Your getting your truth off the internet? LMAO.

    The only ones I know fuming about her are the

    one's who think women can't do a job like she

    is nominated for. Just keep running her down it

    comes back to all women in the end. By the

    way they haven't found anything on her, what

    makes you think they had?

  6. This is unsubstantiated drivel.  everyone I know is ecstatic and excited about her.

  7. McCain send his Vetting people up to Alaska on Monday of this week, seeings how he didn't pick her and no one vetter her right.

  8. I Not!!!

  9. Listen not to the media. do your research on your own.

  10. Nope, you don't seem to have your facts straight.

  11. Not true.  Don't believe anything someone blogs about.

    Obama is the liar.  Open your eyes and ears - he tells so many lies he can't keep them straight.

    Palin is awesome - she is a true person.  She will do great things.

    McCain/Palin 08

  12. I think the Republicans are trying to make excuses and save face.  There's no way they would have chosen her knowing what they know now.  Of course, the Evangelicals are loving her *gag me* but I think she's just going to help Obama win.

  13. Wishful thinking.  

  14. Keep dreaming. Liberals have been squirming ever since last night when they got their first taste of Sarah Palin......I love it!!!

    Game ON

    McCain/Palin '08

  15. incorrect. they are dissing her because her teenage daughter is pregnant, she's from a small town, she has no experience..etc.

    one and two don't matter, but three is a lie. she has more experience than Obama.

    Go McCain & Palin!!!! :]:]♥

  16. only a amatter of time

  17. oh go back to the 60's.....

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