Noticed that BET was covering the Democratic convention but seems to have no interest in the Republican conv.?

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So, obama is just as white as he is black. I realize that the liberal bias in the media is a norm, but I am not sure if that is the reason for this or if it is because he is part black. And if he is part black, what is all this black c**p about "diversity" and "being united together"... Sounds to me like the blacks are the racists and are publicly promoting it!!! Not that I am implying this is new news, I mean, as long as someone feigns being different, they will be discriminated agains, and the sooner we all realize that we're all AMERICANS the sooner the problem would go away, but I am just blown away by the whole BET thing. ISounds to me like the BET blacks don't want to have anything to do with whites, therefore are not true Americans, therefore should go somewhere else?

I would greatly appreciate some information on this seemingly blatant publicly televised racism against me as a white man. I will probably want some reparations as well. And free health care. And free money just for being born. And I don't want to work. And I will probably go get my woman pregnant, leave her, and go make trouble for the establishment, doing all of this with my pants half down and speaking poor english mixed with slang and gross grammatical errors.





  1. It's not liberal bias, it's supply and demand. Much of the nation see's Obama as black... What do you expect?

    They can't lose their ratings, and you say these people, the rich cronies, need a tax break?

  2. 'Comic View'  is much more important than the future of the US.  

  3. i feel ya. what do you think would happen if we had a channel called WET (white entertainment television) oh the s**t would hit the fan for sure

  4. come on you can't compare the democratic convention with the republican convention...

    is like have a party with a bunch of zombies

    Republicans don't really know how have fun without kill somebody..

  5. You actually watched BET for DNC coverage? Do you buy Snapple for the Bottle Tops so you don't have to read actual books?

  6. Well seeing that the MAJORITY of african american are democrats and have ALWAYS been democrats it makes since. There are very few black republicans because republicans don't benefit the black population like dems do. Watch the RNC, how many minorities do you see? Why would they show that on their station when few black people are even in attendance.

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