Little on the confused side as to why everyone is getting so upset about Obama's PRO CHOICE view?

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Abortion has never been illegal, and I don't see it becoming illegal anytime soon, so why is it such a big deal, NOW? Now that we have a presidential candidate that wants to give women the right to choose for themselves? Even if McCain/Palin won the election I still don't think they would make abortion illegal. Why all the ranting about it? If you care so much then just make sure you never aboard you're own child !




  1. Well see he voted against a ban on partial birth abortion (a late term murder and mutilation of a baby).

  2. You are clearly misinformed.  Abortion was illegal at one point.  The Roe vs. Wade case declared laws prohibiting abortion were unconstitutional.  

    The concern is that the next President will likely appoint at least one or two Supreme Court Justices, which could potentially result in a different ruling if a similar case was brought to the Court.  

  3. Abortion has never been illegal? Did you sleep through history class? Obama isn't just pro abortion, he believes in the barbaric acts of partial birth abortions (where the baby's head is "born" and the "doctor" stabs it in the head and sucks the brains out until the skull collapses) and he believes that if a butcher aka doctor fails to murder the baby during an abortion, the medical staff should not be required to do anything to help the baby. In fact they are required to do NOTHING but watch the child suffer and finally die. There are some of us that are against these practices and we intend to put our candidate into the White House.

    Game ON

    McCain/Palin '08

  4. Obama is THE most liberal person in the Senate.

    He voted against a bill that would have protected babies that had been aborted but still lived.  (*Babies don't always die when they are aborted - so much for the "it's one a mass of flesh" theory)

    The point is, pretty much everyone agreed on the bill, and Obama voted no.  Again, the bill would have protected aborted babies that lived but Obama voted no.

  5. Him being pro-choice is actually one of the reasons im voting for him.

  6. Abortion was indeed illegal until Roe V. Wade.  And we must not forget that it is only one Supreme Court decision away from becoming illegal again.  The next President will most likely have to appoint one, perhaps three, U.S. Supreme Court judges.  If a Republican gets in those judges will no doubt be Right Wing Conservatives.  Obama is a self-professed Liberal and proud of it.  HE is the person we want to nominate S.C. judges.  That is the only way we can assure abortion continues to be legal within the U.S.  

  7. McSame/Palin want to control the appointments to the Supreme Court so they can nominate extremist, radical judges who will overturn Roe v. Wade.  Other answers to this question lay out her crazy positions - I won't repeat them.  McSame/Palin will send the country back 100 years.  I can only hope that the moderates and Hillary supporters see through this extremist and turn out to vote.  

  8. Because babies are getting slaughtered by the millions.

  9. If life was so important for Repubs then more money should be getting spent for mothers to help keep those babies. Instead most repubs like to make fun of poor mothers and complain about the "drain" they impose. Then they like to cry socialism if government money goes to help poor mothers and yet won't even help them through charity.

  10. Palin is the only candidate that supports banning the birth control pill.

    Gov.Palin is a member of "Feminists for Life", an organization with members that openly support outlawing all "non-abortifacient contraception" (anything that stops implantation of the fertilized egg).

    She may not be able to overturn Roe vs Wade but there is no constitutional right to the birth control pill.

    She presides over a State whose budget has gone from 2.9 billion when she took office to 9 billion next year. 14,692.00 per person in the State. Wow. And they still have to pay Federal tax, and do not have roads between cities.

    Increasing spending by 300% in just less than 2 years. She is faster than Bush.

    1200 of it per household is for one new social program by taxing them and giving it back to them

    She was able to get more earmarks and pork for her city of 5000 than St. Paul Minnesota got.

    A true reformer she went against George Bush and sued to get Polar Bears taken off the endangered species list to make the way safe to open up ANWAR.

    Despite her well known experience Palin wants abstinence only taught in schools.

  11. Because I don't believe in murdering babies that have a very good chance at living. I find it disturbing that so-called health care professionals(and I use "professional" very loosely) can just carry a living, breathing baby to die in a utility room to die!

  12. Yes, before the 1973s women would have to find someone to do this without letting anyone know.  Women died because they would try to do this.  Many Christians hope one day abortion will be illegal again.  They feel a baby is a baby at conception. In hope on voting someone who is pro choice this might become a reality.  Many people are upset with Obama's choice on pre birth abortion.  He has voted to let the baby go without medical  care even if the abortion failed and the baby lives.  Many people hate the thought of this because the baby can be almost nine months and they will perform this horrible act. You know those babies feel all of that pain it saddens me so..  I am a christian and pray one day babies wont be murdered anymore by choice.  I know not everyone will agree.  

  13. He is not just for abortion he is for late term abortion. He is also against The Baby Born Alive Act.  

  14. Because people are idiots and don't seek the truth for themselves. Obama (AND Clinton both) voted against a bill that would make late abortion illegal ONLY because it was poorly worded. The way it was written ALL abortion would have been illegal even if you do it early. But no one wants to recognize all that they just want to say he's in favor of partial birth abortion. See? Idiots!

  15. I am pro-life (not anywhere near as extreme as Palin) - I just don't want tax dollars funding abortion. I would never tell a woman what she can or cannot do. I would counsel a woman I know against it (for her own mental and physical health) - but it is HER choice. It shouldn't even be a political issue. I also believe it belongs in the community at a local level, not a federal level.

    That being said, abortion shouldn't be the key issue this year. The economy is in the toilet. People are living at poverty levels and nothing is being done. We're spending BILLIONS on bad forms of energy, Billions on funding a war that has no end in sight and nothing is being done for returning damaged vets. There is no money for new businesses, no new funds for education, nothing being done with social security or HEALTH CARE (which should be a basic right - access to excellent and affordable care for every citizen). HELLO!!! We need to wake up! I am pro-gun ownership, but I could care less right now. I couldn't afford new clothes for my 4 children for school this year and I am a woman business owner! I don't know how I'm sending my daughter to college next year. I live in Michigan where unemployment is skyrocketing. Where are the jobs? Republicans support new business? No - they support putting money in their own pockets. How much are you paying for gas? I drive a 97 Taurus so I don't have a car payment - I can't afford it. It has 200,000 miles  - this is what I take my kids to school in. I'm scared it will break down and I have no money for a car. I'd get another job - there are none. I'm stuck.

    I am voting for change. I am voting for Obama/Biden. I don't care about secondary issues - I care about feeding my kids with money I earn myself.

    Thanks! Another point - if these women with unwanted/unplanned pregnancies had an alternative most would choose something other than abortion. A lot of girls and women choose abortion because they can't see that they have another alernative - they aren't in a good place in their lives or in a good stable situation with family, money, stability, etc...  Most of the problem is lack of health care and lack of a good growing economy with education available and jobs.

  16. Actually, there used to be state laws that made abortion illegal.

    McCain will appoint a Republican to the next Supreme Court spot that opens up. This will allow the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs Wade. Once they overturn Roe vs Wade, the decision on abortion will go back to the states.The states that used to ban abortion will probably reinstate those laws.

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