Who brings up that John McCain is a POW more? Obamas supporters or John McCain?

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seems like obama supporters bring it up a h**l of a lot more then mccain does.




  1. trick question it McCain's supporters who talk about it the most

  2. All McCain talks about is war. If people really new the truth about the spoiled rich kid who resented his oil heiress mom & his military father who tried to control him they would understand why he crashed one plane after another. The last one was the one that he really messed up his body in & he admits on tape he didn't care about this country. He doesn't admit he came back after his luxury living while telling  the secrets he told on 32 tapes. He made sure he went into politics so he could keep the P.O. W's from being looked for. Anyone who is my age can probably remember hearing about our govn. not looking for them & wondering who would do this. I was a teenager in the 70's but when I found out the obstruction was McCain I couldn't believe that people who are much more into knowing this kind of info. were OK, with this. I can see that these people either don't know or don't care. So in a way you can see that the media knows all this & doesn't say a word cause they want keep things as they are. So I think neither brings it up as much or as thoroughly as it should be brought up.

  3. One of the most recent uses of his POW status in his campaign.

    "After answering every question at the Rick Warren forum with a story about being a POW, the next day his spokeswoman issued a statement about whether McCain had heard the questions beforehand: "The insinuation from the Obama campaign that John McCain, a former prisoner of war, cheated is outrageous.""

    LOL!! That's hilarious.

  4. Just because you say it does not make it so. Republicans bring it up every other word, h**l, McCain can't stop using those 3 letters. Of course you won't admit it because you're a Republican.

  5. who cares.

    mccain is insane

    I don't believe anything in his book that was written by someone else anyway.

    He came home alive.

    The real heroes are dead.

    He is too old and too senile to be president of any country.

    so he claims to be a POW.

    has he taken credit for leaving his first wife?

    can't stand the man-

    such a phony!

  6. OMG, you cannot be serious!!??  Did you not see that saddleback "debate"?  I would bet you have not, b/c McCain brought that up almost every time he answered a question

  7. I never brought it up until it served as the McCain campaigns excuse for his every misstep.  

  8. The same people that bring up race 99.9% of the time

    " barrack america" supporters

  9. Obama supporters by far.

  10. I think that the Obama supporters bring it up more, as if he wanted to be captured and beaten for years?! I see it as an honor, that he was captured and still has become a wonderful man, who has the potential to lead a wonderful country.

  11. Obama supporters do. They have no pride in their country, so they see no reason not to trash a man for his honorable service to our country.

  12. McCain and his allies.

  13. Barry Soetoro supporters. They can't attack McCain on the issues because no one knows what side Barry is Babbling about on any given day.

  14. Poking fun at the McCain campaign for going to the POW well, isn't "bringing it up".  McCain invites the criticism.

  15. Whacko Obama supporters by like 50 to 1.

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