Karma Hawk tipped to win the Grade A5 race at Hove – Greyhound Racing Preview

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Karma Hawk tipped to win the Grade A5 race at Hove – Greyhound Racing Preview 
Karma Hawk is lined up as the favourite greyhound for the 515 metres Grade A5 Flat Race at Hove in England on Friday, February 10, 2012. The winning cash prize of the event today is £119.
Despite doing a decent job in recent times, Karma Hawk has been unable to win many races. However, he is still rated as the favourite, with a starting price of 5 to 2.
The favourite dog for today’s race needs to make a solid impression in order to win the confidence of everyone. He did find some rhythm in his last outing at Hove, where he finished as the runner up.
J. Heath’s trained dog had the best starting price, 7 to 4, in that race as well, but he was unable to deliver the desired results. He was given a tough time by the rest of the pack, but still managed to hold onto his second position in the end.
Since, Karma Hawk, has lost a bit of momentum recently, he will not find it easy to produce a strong result. However, he has the speed and stamina to end up on top today. He is the son of Westmead Hawk out, of Droopys Lynne, and was born in December,
Beenleigh Magic will not make life easy for the favourite greyhound, as he is in decent form. He has been awarded with a starting price of 7 to 2, which is not bad at all. The punters will be interested in investing money on him, as he won at Hove
last month.
However, Beenleigh Magic’s last race at the venue was not an impressive one, as he completed the event in fifth place. This might have forced the bookmakers not to rate him as the favourite today.
M. Collins’ trained greyhound still has a very good chance of winning. He is the son of Westmead Hawk, out of Droopys Mia, and was born in October, 2008.
Another greyhound expected to challenge the front runner is Zider Zee, trained by W. Short. She has been a touch inconsistent over the past few months, but has a very good chance of bouncing back today.
Zider Zee struggled in her last outing at Hove, finishing at the bottom of the table. However, that race does not reflect her true potential. If she gets off to a decent start, she could end up in the top three easily.
The blue and white coloured b***h is the daughter of Droopys Vieri, out of Sofem, and was born in March, 2008.
Chequers Mate, trained by D. Knight, has also been awarded with a starting price of 4 to 1. He will have to improve on his recent form in order to challenge the top contenders at Hove.
The black dog was unable to make an impression in his past three outings at the venue, but has a good chance of turning things around today. He is the son of Westmead Joe, out of Carloway Ebony, and was born in September, 2009.
Dream Win and Shefford Joker are the other two greyhounds participating in the race today. They will have to deliver exceptional results today in order to earn the confidence of the bookmakers.
Stamina will be the key in today’s race, as there is quite a lot of distance to cover for the greyhounds.



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