Formula One News: Jaime Alguersuari aiming for Mark Webber’s seat in team Red Bull

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Formula One News: Jaime Alguersuari aiming for Mark Webber’s seat in team Red Bull
Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersuari said that he would rather win the Formula1 Drivers’ championship with Red Bull than any of the top running teams and admitted that he has his eyes on Mark Webber’s F1 seat. This showed that Jaime
Alguersuari believes that Mark Webber might retire after this season and therefore leave the position for the next Red Bull driver open for the 2011 Formula1 season despite the fact that the Australian denied rumours that he might retire before next season.
“I will not deny that it is very appealing,” Alguersuari told a newspaper company in an interview.
Alguersuari is currently driving for a team that is owned by Red Bull and hopes that the close ties between the teams will play a vital role to aid his chances.
“There is no doubt that it is the place I want to be. For me, Red Bull and Toro Rosso are the same family, and they've supported me since I was 15, and trusted me for their Formula One programme when I had no experience,” he said.
Keeping in mind Webber re-signed with Red Bull for the 2011 Formula1 season, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner recently admitted that he was building the team around Sebastian Vettel as the Australian is in the autumn of his
career and does not have much time left in the Formula1. As for Alguersuari, there would be nothing better than a fight for the title as the aggressive Sebastian Vettel’s teammate.
“I would rather win a title with Red Bull than with McLaren or Ferrari, because it's the team close to my heart, people who have helped me all the way,” he added.
However, the odds are against Jaime Alguersuari in every way. Whether it is McLaren, Ferrari or Red Bull, Jaime does not have much of a chance since drivers like Robert Kubica, Adrian Sutil and Kamui Kobayashi, to name a few, are
doing a better job than him. There were many rumours that Robert Kubica might join Ferrari sometime soon but these were just that - rumours.
As for Alguersuari, he will have to take his driving skills up a notch and score some good results if he wants to get the attention from the top running teams in the sport. He is currently in 19th place in the drivers’
standings with just 3 points this season.



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