English Premier League - Half Time Report: Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal (Part 3)

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English Premier League - Half Time Report: Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal (Part 3)
Two minutes after that goal, Arsenal nearly gifted Wigan another penalty. This time around, it was who made a rather rash challenge on Rodallega. The keeper clatterd into the striker and almost every Wigan player was convinced it was a penalty.
However, the referee thought otherwise and waved play on.
After the goal by Wigan and the moment of madness by Fabianski, Arsenal finally seemed to be getting a firm foot in the match. On the twenty third minute, Arsenal nearly got the equalizing goal as a corner was fumbled around in
the Wigan area. Thomas Rosicky smacked a shot goal-wards, but it was parried away by Al-Habsi, rushed in to try and tap the ball in on the rebound, but the keeper managed to get a firm grasp on the ball on his second attempt.
On the twenty seventh minute, N'Zogbia displayed some brilliant tracking back. The player went on to halt Arshavin in his tracks. However, soon after Thomas the goal scorer brought down Rosicky but managed to catch an elbow
to his face in the process. This resulted in the play being stopped so that the Wigan player could receive treatment.
On the twenty eighth minute, It seemed a rather odd change, but with Diaby disappearing down the tunnel, it looked like the French midfielder might have picked up an injury.
Things didn't seem all that good for Wigan either. This was because despite having received the treatment, Thomas looked to be trudging slowly by the touchlines. As a result, the keeper went down the tunnel to receive further treatment.
The player returned a minute later, but was greeted by a rash challenge by Bacary Sgana and Wigan as a result got a free-kick. The resulting spot kick was launched long into the Arsenal area, but this time around Koscielny managed to get his defending on the
mark and beat Rodallega to the ball, to clear his lines.
Continued in Part 4...



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