English Premier League: Chelsea versus Bolton - minute by minute update (Part 3)

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English Premier League: Chelsea versus Bolton - minute by minute update (Part 3)
In the 21st minute of the match, Bolton tried their luck with the traditional long ball, but Terry was on hand again to win the header for Chelsea as the Blues regained possession. In the 22nd minute, Chelsea
lost the ball in the centre of the park to Ricketts; the winger immediately crossed it to Mathew Taylor who found himself in acres of space inside the penalty area. However, the former Portsmouth midfielder’s finish was just wide of the goal as Chelsea
were let off the hook for their lacklustre display in the midfield area.
In the 23rd minute of the match, play was stopped again as Drogba was penalized for a climb on Knight once again by the referee. The ball was hoofed up the field from the ensuing set piece, headed it on
to Elmander who hit his first time volley into the ground, and this allowed to gather the effort in with ease and comfort as the score line remained at 0-0.
In the 25th minute of the encounter, Elmander was fouled by the Chelsea defender, Ivanovic who was shown the first yellow card of the match for the offence. It was a useless challenge by the Serbian defender, but a well
deserved one as he pulled down the Swedish striker from the shirt towards the ground to stop him from making a run inside the Chelsea penalty area.
Chelsea appealed for a handball in the 27th minute of the match but their protests were waved away. However, the replays showed that the ball had indeed touched Zat Knight’s hand and the touch had stopped the ball from
entering into Nicolas Anelka’s path.
By the 28th minute of the match tension further grew at Stamford Bridge due to the score line as the fans started to boo their own home side i.e. Chelsea. Chelsea tried to respond to their fan’s expectations, but they
failed to make a mark as the Blues conceded two throw inns to Bolton in quick succession. Carlo Ancelotti’s team found it hard to gain possession of the ball, but in the 29th
minute of the match they were awarded a free kick as Malouda was brought down by Ricketts near the Bolton penalty area. lined the free kick up this time but it was hit straight into the wall by the midfielder. However, the rebound ended
up with who was found by Robinson on the far end of the field.



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