English Premier League: Liverpool vs. Wolves – minute by minute report (Part 2)

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English Premier League: Liverpool vs. Wolves – minute by minute report (Part 2)
The game started off with both the teams giving Liverpool’s former player Andy a minute of silence, as they gave sacred condolences to his departed soul as he passed away this week. Andy helped ‘The Reds’ win their European Cup
back in 1980 and he really meant a lot to the team. After a minute of silence, the whole crowd was applauding in his memory as each and every Reds player wore a black armband.
Liverpool were to kick off first. The ball was with Liverpool and their defenders were holding possession. The Reds were trying to dominate at home. An early throw in was given away by failed to take
advantage of it and they gave the ball away to Martin Skrtel. Skrtel gave a long ball forward, but cannot make anything of it even though he looked to be alone in front of goal.
Wolves came on the attack but they could not really create anything as Steven Gerrard easily cleared the threat. However, the ball went on to find who could not really create anything because of his slow pace. Wolves
were maintaining possession but they barely tried to do anything from it as they were trying to take hold of the game early on. Pepe Reina was playing his 200th
Premier League game and the Spanish Goalkeeper has maintained a good record as he has kept 100 clean sheets.
Liverpool won the ball in the midfield and it was none other than the captain of the team who got the ball at his feet. Konchesky tried to make a run forward as the ball was passed on to Dirk Kuyt, but the Wolves
left back made sure that he attended the was seen sitting outside and even though he is a great defender, Roy Hodgson has not really utilized the extraordinary kid.
Liverpool played the ball back to Pepe Reina as they were trying to keep the ball. Roy Hodgson was looking to be tensed as there have been many rumours that Rafael Benitez might return. However, currently all Liverpool care about
is their current form which they really need to find because they are not doing good in the Premier League.
Wolves tried to attack through their midfielder Stephen Ward who tried from far out; however, made sure that he got to it and left the ball so that it goes out for a goal kick. The Spanish goalkeeper took the goal kick
and Dirk Kuyt headed it forward. The ball moved towards David N’Gog and he was fouled. Dirk Kuyt took a quick free kick and shot towards The newly signed Liverpool player found himself in front of the goal, but he could not finish.
Liverpool had a great opportunity but Meireles could not do anything now, as he has failed to utilize the first opportunity that he got. The Reds tried their best to take control of the game, but Wolves countered on the goal kick
and they won a corner. The corner was well taken but nothing came from it, as Pepe Reina had to take another goal kick.



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