English Premier League - Half Time Report: Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal (Part 4)

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English Premier League - Half Time Report: Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal (Part 4)
One of the most notable facts about the half was that the towering Arsenal forward, just couldn't seem to get onto the ball. The player is usually the one to mix things up with the opposing defenders,
but seemed to be getting muscled off the ball rather easily for most part of the first half.
As the game progressed, the first half substitute finally started to see much more of the ball. Arsenal were going to have to rely on their youngster to create those killer plays, if they were to go on
to win the game.
However, at the same time Wigan were displaying some brilliant defending and even the team's forwards were getting back to help out with keeping Arsenal out.
On the thirty eighth minute, the possession read fifty four percent Arsenal and forty six percent Wigan, however despite that fact Wigan were the far more productive side when they had the ball.
On the fortieth minute, Arsenal finally managed to get things level. smashed
it home in a very acrobatic manner to give Arsenal the equalizer.
Despite it being debatable as to whether or not Arsenal deserved the goal, it seemed to have stepped their game up as they were finally starting to show their true colours.
Wigan, on the other hand, were starting to look anxiously towards the clock as they seemed to really need a break in the game to try and get Arsenal out of their groove.
But with Arsenal now performing at nearly their maximum, there wasn't much that Wigan could do to contain the team. On the forty fourth minute, just two minutes after scoring the equalizing goal, Arsenal had the lead.
This time around, it was Arshavin who played on Bendtner, the Dane then went on to beat two Wigan defenders before bundling the ball into the back of the net to make the home side aware of just what Arsenal were capable of.
At the end of the regulatory forty five minutes, the referee signalled four extra minutes to be played. Those four minutes were mostly spent in the Wigan area as Arsenal looked to produce a third goal before the break.
However, Wigan held on to the pressure and the half ended with the score being two goals to one in Arsenal's favour.



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