Premier League: Half time report - Chelsea vs. Bolton Wanderers

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Premier League: Half time report - Chelsea vs. Bolton Wanderers
Venue: Stamford Bridge
Starting XI for Chelsea:, Salomon
Kalou,, Gael Kakuta, Josh McEachran
Starting XI for Bolton Wanderers: Jussi Jaaskelainen,Ádám-Bogdán-c3516, Martin
It has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride for Chelsea this season. The side started off the season in an emphatic fashion, scoring almost at will. They had a comfortable five-point lead over their rivals and look en route to
retaining the premiership crown.
However, the side is currently facing the worst dip in form since 11 years and head into the Bolton clash to secure nothing less than all three points. With Manchester United 7 points ahead of Chelsea, the side is currently in
the fifth spot and would want to decrease the lead.
However, that seemed highly unlikely, as Bolton controlled most of the game. Manager Owen Coyle managed to put together a well-built side and Bolton got close to scoring the opener in the 17th minute. Midfielder Taylor
should have finished off a one on one shot, but just managed to brush the post. Chelsea did not look their lethal self yet again and Bolton denied any chance to go forward.
Perhaps the worst free kick of the season was taken by Drogba. The African was looking for the near post, but messed up the free kick and turned it into a throw at the far side. Neither looked
their lethal self and still have to take a shot on goal in the match. The side seems frustrated and fatigued and it was lacking any creativity or lethal moves that were needed to keep Bolton away.
Should Chelsea keep playing like this, they have absolutely no chance of getting the winning goal and may well be look towards another draw or worse. Bolton have to be credited for their impressive play, despite playing the fixture
at the daunting Stamford Bridge. The side managed various shots on goals and currently are better off than the Champions, in terms of shots on target and possession.   



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