Does lack of masturbation cause any medical problems?

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It's been 1-2 weeks since I stopped masturbating(and watching p**n) and I'm past the stage of insane anger and hornyness.The reason I'm doing this is to increase my s*x drive so I can overcome my severe social anxiety(especially towards the ladies) and be able to get the real thing instead of some virtual BS.Will not masturbating cause any medical problems?Will my p***s slowly shrink?Are there any other problems that might occur?




  1. Yes...  Its a bit complex but here is the short version.

    Sperm is made up of only on half of you.  Normally your body is designed to kill anything regarded as not complete.  A helper cell fools the body's immune from attacking sperm cells.  The drawback is the helper cell cannot live long.

    Getting rid of your sperm is mandatory because the immune system will get use to killing off your sperm and develop antibodys to do just that.

    That is only the biggining...  So get crakking and start sqirting your loads on a regual basis.

    hope that helps...

  2. No it wont shrink and nothing will happen other than the rage and irritation which you said you're already experiencing. If you really want to try not quitting cold turkey but just regularly lowering the amount each day. It'ss be a big help with the rage.

  3. No, but you may have a few wet dreams.

    I don't think this will help with your social anxiety problem though.

    Try to get a date with an ugly girl. If you are in a place that is so dark that you can't see her and you are drunk, you could at least score once.

  4. Just insanity.

  5. It wont shrink.

  6. the phrase "use it or lose it" ......... heard it before ? ....hahahaha

    I could give you a very long, drawn-out medical explanation why it is necessary to erect the p***s regularly to maintain "size" ...... but, I'm not in the mood to type that much right now

    encourage "erections" ........but that does NOT mean you have to "play with it" ........ya know ?  

    regular "flexing" (contracting pelvic muscles) when erect is an excellent exercise to manage blood flow and other words, it's a good workout to stay in-shape for the appropriate times...

    ....AND ...... it's the "trick" you're looking for to increase your s*x drive

    that "tip" was FREE ...........  

  7. I think you would have less social anxiety if you are comfortable with your own body. First read this, and be sure to read it all through:

    Then realise that masturbation is very good for your health:****m#Orga...

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