Thicker sperm, due to lack of masturbation?

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For a while I had stopped masturbating and now I've started again. just like once a day. and I noticed that some of my sperm comes in like a stringy, more thicker consistency. Any explanation?

Is it possible that just the fact that I need to give my body time to adjust to masturbating on a regular basis?





  2. This is called a sperm chain. you need to get a device called a p***s pump no not the type tat makes it bigger.  Ask your doctor and they will supply you with one but dont worry nothing bad will happen.

  3. It's Just a 'rusty load', Pal.

    You'll soon adjust!.

  4. What has probably happened when you stopped, your sperm built up & up therefore giving you a higher quality s***n batch.

  5. That happens to everyone. it's perfectly normal.

  6. The viscosity of s***n varies from person to person and it also has to do with temperature, foods you might have eaten, lots of factors, maybe masturbation is it or lack thereof, it varies, play around with your body learn it well and you should be alright.  

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