Problem cause by masturbation ..... Please must see (everyone)

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It happens with me that i dun watch p**n stuff or anything other like that,normally it happens with me that i get wet dreams and ma *** comes out.on waking up when i goto wash room and am cleaning ma body off,i m********e for about 2-3 times ( i dun know why ,but just cant control myself from doing that )

anyhow, the thing is that throughout the day i feel like very tired,lazy and stressed and on the very next day i have back pain ( which lasts only for that day)

What do you people think? Is sperm made up of proteins,calcium or what ? that after doing masturbation i feel like this and have back pain

if so then,what should i eat or take after doing masturbation in order to regain what i've lost (proteins,vitamins or whatever that be )




  1. best way is to eat what comes out,... then you are not wasting and it goes back as nutrition.. it will keep you alert and awake too. lots of protein

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