Charlie Lister’s Jordan Light wins Magners Dual Distance Trophy, adding to Lister’s magnificent career record

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Charlie Lister’s Jordan Light wins Magners Dual Distance Trophy, adding to Lister’s magnificent career record
The Magners Dual Distance Trophy that started on 27th June has rounded up after the final on Monday night, 4th July, at Nottingham. Charlie Lister’s star Jordan Light won the exciting final by a 2 ½ length margin in 30.20 seconds.
The initial round of the Trophy had three heats with six runners each. The first two hounds to finish each race then proceeded to the final, meaning that the final comprised a field of six.
In the initial round on 27th June, Jordan Light drew a major benefit from his Trap 1 position by starting fast and running a commendable race. He won the heat by 2 lengths in 28.95 seconds.
Then at the final, once again, he proved what wonders his talent and Charlie Lister’s training can work.
This time around again he made use of his inside draw to clinch the lead and then kept a firm grasp on it thereby defeating Fatboyz Romeo.
Three-year-old Jordan Light, son of Ace Hi Rumble and Hi Dash, has had an exciting career ever since his maiden in July 2010 where he debuted at Nottingham and won against Titan Tyrone.
Ever since then he has won seven out of the fifteen races he has run, which might not be a spectacular track record but is still a commendable one for someone as inexperienced as himself.
This victory is yet another feather in Newark-bases ace trainer, Charlie Lister’s, cap as he strides from one victory to another. 
This year marks his fifth Trainer’s Championship title which he obtained this March. He finished the Championship with a score of 44, four more than that of Chris Allsopp.
Major contributors to this score were Lister’s Bandicoot Tipoki, who obtained the highest score of the championship and Boher Paddy, who obtained the last victory of the championship.
It has overall been a phenomenal career for Lister and this year has been been exceptionally spectacular.
Although the Magners Dual Distance Trophy may not be the biggest victory, he has overjoyed since it is still quite a feat, considering how lightly experienced Jordan was.



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