Greyhound Racing legend Albert Draper’s funeral attended by Charlie Lister, Michael Dunphy, Graham Holland

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Greyhound Racing legend Albert Draper’s funeral attended by Charlie Lister, Michael Dunphy, Graham Holland
Well-known Greyhound owner and enthusiast, Albert Draper, passed away on 13th June 2011 leaving behind many including his five children to mourn his death.
Wednesday, 29th June 2011 saw his funeral amid major representation from the Greyhound racing community.
The funeral took place at the Holy Trinity Church in Dalton Parva, South Yorkshire, which was packed with mourners. Attendees at the funeral were Charlie Lister, Michael Dunphy, Graham Holland, and, many others for whom he acted as a mentor.
Draper had touched the lives of not just Greyhound racing enthusiasts but people associated with activities as obscure as pigeon racing and carriage driving. This explains why people from all segments of the society had come to pay their respects to this legend at the funeral.
When Sheffield’s Jon Carter gave a heart wrenching eulogy all eyes brimmed up with tears. This was followed by a tribute to Draper by his granddaughters, Ella, and, Hollie.
His son, Trevor Draper, spoke too at the reception. Not in mourning but to praise his late father’s Greyhound, Eden Star, whom Trevor holds in high esteem especially since he won the Nicol Alloys Monkey Stakes just a day before the funeral. What made Eden Star’s victory even more ironic was the fact that the Stakes were run at Sheffield, Draper’s favourite track.
He further stated that himself and his brother Barrie, and, partner Vic Atherton were now considering running him either at the Wimbledon’s Puppy Derby, or, the Irish Sprint Cup at Dundalk. Had Draper been alive, the enthusiasm surrounding this decision would have been greater but even in death Draper managed to please his fans by leaving behind such a legacy.
Throughout his life Draper has produced many star performers such as He Knows, winner of the 1997 Greyhound Derby final at Wimbledon and Special Addition, winner of the Williamhill Lead.
However, the one Greyhound he loved the most was his star Ballyregan Bob, who had numerous racing exploits, to his credit.
Despite his 82-years of age, his death still came as a shock to the world because just a few weeks prior to his death he was in the best of health. In the words of his son Trevor, he was ‘grand’ but then he became ill and had to be hospitalised.
Draper took pride in his work and the highlight of his career was probably when Lord Scarborough invited him to the Queen’s Garden Party.
It is difficult for not just his family, or, friends, but the entire Greyhound racing community at large to overcome the grief of his death in such a short time span but the funeral does provide a certain closure.



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