All India Sub Junior Ranking: Lokhande Aman topples Madina Srikar in qualifying round clash

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All India Sub Junior Ranking: Lokhande Aman topples Madina Srikar in qualifying round clash
India’s passionate shuttler Lokhande Aman proved his supremacy on court and surged into third stage of qualifying round in Boy’s Singles U13 category after beating Madina Srikar at the All India Sub Junior Ranking Badminton Tournament in India, on Monday,
October 22.
The young Lokhande was in impressive form as he played with aggression throughout the contest and remained successful in throwing out his talented opponent in a completely controlled fashion by consuming just 18 minutes on court.
Lokhande worked really hard in the opening game but it was a smooth sailing for his in the second set and he easily registered a comprehensive win over Srikar in straight games with a wonderful margin on the board.
In the meanwhile, Srikar gave a good fight to his spirited rival in the first set of the contest but he failed to live up to the expectations at the crucial stages and eventually lost the match without claiming any game.
Lokhande showed his aggression on court from the opening points of first set and built a remarkable pressure on his opponent. He showed his command on court and eventually set up a strong position in the arena.
The in-form Lokhande stayed on driving seat in the opening half but only could manage a small lead until the one-minute interval.
After the break, the impressive Lokhande increased his speed on court and remained successful in creating a reasonable lead.
The aggressive Lokhande did not show any mercy to his opponent in the concluding phase and won the set with a staggering margin of 21-18.
In the second game of this qualifying round clash, Lokhande did not lose his domination at any stage in the opening half of second set as he played with variations.
Lokhande entertained the crowd with his unparalleled skills that helped him to maintain pressure on his challenger who failed to produce good form.
The positive and attacking play helped Lokhande in the concluding half and he easily wrapped up the set with a huge margin of 21-12.
In-form Lokhande emerged as victorious in this interesting contest by finishing it up in straight sets with a 21-18 and 21-12 score on the board.



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