Question: Greyhound Derby 2011 - Taylor Sky wins, New Record for owner Charlie Lister

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On Saturday 11th June, 2011, Wimbledon Stadium in England hosted one of biggest greyhound racing events, the final of the Greyhound Derby sometimes known as the English Greyhound Derby.
Six hounds weaved their way into the final, after winning the first, second, third rounds, and, eventually the quarter and semi finals in a bid to bring the title and £75,000 home.
The betting market was ablaze, preceding the actual final with Taylor Sky being the betting favourite. But given the unpredictability of the series, with Drooppys Oscar and Blonde Snapper’s elimination earlier on, fans, and, bettors were apprehensive of
another shock.
Thanks to the expertise of trainer, Norah McEllistrim, Cloheena Cash, was a likely winner, and, Bright Redcliffe’s speed made him a worthy competitor.
The final started amidst much excitement from the throngs of spectators. Even with Wimbledon’s seating capacity of 8000, the stadium was jam packed.
In trap 1 was 6/4 favourite Taylor Sky, the newest runner in the field that day, followed by 14/1 Bright Redcliffe in trap 2. In trap 3 was three year old, 8/1 Westmead Guru followed by 7/2 Razldazl George, and, second favourite, Barefoot Bullet, in traps
4 and 5 respectively and lastly, Cloheena Cash in trap 6.
Despite him being inexperienced it was evident from the start that it was Taylor Sky’s (7-4) day, as he crossed Westmead Guru and took the lead at the first bend. Had he let Bright Redcliffe lead till the second bend, it would have been difficult to catch
up with him and the outcome might have been different.
However, galloping at his fast pace the favourite, Taylor Sky, went on to win the £75,000 Greyhound Derby by finishing in 28.17 by 5 ¼ lengths. This is owner Charlie Lister’s sixth English Derby win, establishing a new record.
An overjoyed Lister stated, “We're over the moon. This dog is still improving and there's more to come". And with that the event came to a halt, with Taylor Sky establishing his place in the arena of greyhound racing and breaking the 25-year long curse that
trap one-vested hounds had been facing, leading them to defeat every time.



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