Claudio Lotito comments on the quality at Lazio: Serie A News

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The chief executive officer at Lazio, Claudio Lotito as gone on to remark  on different personnel at the club, while lauding their head coach, and their star players. have started off extremely well during their current campaign and have also gone on to state that they will be looking to perform to the best of their abilities during the course of the season. They are currently level on points with the Serie A outfit,
Internazionale, who are on 18 points and are in the joint third position of the Serie A.
The Biancocelesti are also in the Europa League and have performed well in the continental competition as well. Lotito is extremely happy with the performances put in by his team through the campaign, especially given the fact that they have a new head coach
in place.
Vladimir Petkovic, the new head coach of the Biancazzurri, came into the fold of things at the capital outfit after Edy Reja decided to take a sabbatical for a year. Filling in Reja’s shoes was never going to be easy, as he guided the club to consistent
seasons, even though the club is run on a nominal budget. After the arrival of Petkovic, the club has gone on to perform exceedingly well, and the Bosnian has been able to extract a lot from the players.
Furthermore, he has also brought about a strong sense of unity to the side, and motivated many players to raise their levels of performance during the game. While commenting on Petkovic, the Italian went on to remark that he got in touch with Petkovic after
Reja decided against continuing his contract at the club. He went on to state:
“Petkovic is a Coach we followed for a long time. We asked [former boss] Edy Reja to extend his contract at the end of last season, but he declined. I met him, and instantly liked his moral qualities, character and determination.”
The President of the Azzurri went on to state that he is extremely impressed by the performance of his teams and stated that they could secure victory against any side with confidence.



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