When giving a 60 day notice are you still responsible for the rent during these 60 days?

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I want to move however I am a credit challenge person, good person just have some credit issues, and 1 eviction which happened 2 years or more ago since then, I have had no problems with paying my rent, I was wondering If you put in a 60 day notice do you have to pay rent during this time, If so I are you suppose to save $ to move on to the next pl. very curious.




  1. Yea, you are responsible for paying rent for the 60 days. You also hafta pay any fees for breaking your lease if that was in your lease contract. Its tough. That's why they do that. Cuz it is tough, and they want you to stay there. Its wrong, but that's the way it is. I hope that helps, and if you have any other questions about it, feel free to email me.

  2. What don't you understand about this process.  You have to pay your rent on a monthly basis, no sometimes, then stop when you decide to move somewhere else.  If you give them a 60 day(2 month) notice, you have to pay you rent for both months.  After you leave if the apartment is in good condition you should receive your deposit back.  If you don't choose to do it this way, and you don't pay, you will probably get evicted and it will be on your credit, and you will not be able to use them as a reference, among other things.

  3. If   you  are  living  in  someones  apartment ,

    You  are  suppose  to  be  paying  the  rent  for  ALL  the time  lived  there .

    Why   would  they  give  free  rent  ?  Just  cause  you're  leaving ?

    People  would  move  every  6 months  if  you  got  free  rent  just  for  moving  !

    Many  places  charge  1st  and  last  when  you move in ,

    ( did  you ? )  so  the  last  30  days  is   often  paid  and  you  save  that  for   your  next  place .


  4. 60 day notice means you will move out in 60 days.  You don't get to live their for free just because you've informed them of your pending move out.

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