John Higgins set to clash against Mark Selby in Round 2: 2012 Snooker Shootout

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John Higgins set to clash against Mark Selby in Round 2: 2012 Snooker Shootout
Reigning World Snooker Champion, John Higgins has successfully made his way into the second round of 2012 Snooker Shootout at the Tower Circus in Blackpool after beating the 2011 UK Champion, England’s Judd Trump 62-16. The Scotsman will now face World Number
one, England’s Mark Selby in the second round of the fastest snooker event in the yearly calendar.
The first-round 10-minute match between John Higgins and Judd Trump was a one-sided encounter as the World Snooker Champ dominated the table from the very beginning and finished the clash quite easily in his favour. The youngster had no chance to put any
pressure on the veteran and tumbled down instantly in his first encounter.
The pair was present against each other in the final of 2011 World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theatre where snooker fans witnessed the same result. In the Round 1 match of 2012 Snooker Shootout, the Scotsman grabbed an early lead with a 33-point
break. After that, he started playing a cautious game which helped him to claim the match.
The Scottish professional snooker player said, “It's a lottery. If you get through the first few rounds you can look forward to maybe doing something.”
Trump, on the other hand, added on Sky Sports, “I didn't play a lot of shots so it was hard. Tonight was just a bit of fun really.”
The Wizard of Wishaw is now drawn against the Jester from Leicester, Mark Selby in the second round of the tournament. Selby cruised into the second round after a tremendous victory over Joe Perry by the score line of 104-1 in their first-round match. The
28-year-old was impressive on the baize and did not let his opponent come near the table and finished the game in no time.
In his post match interview, he said, “I'm not really rushing shots but you're under a lot more pressure because you know if you miss once and give them a chance it could be all over.”
The Higgins-Selby clash will be a thrilling one as both potters are on top of their performance right from the beginning of the 2011-12 Snooker Season.



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