Where can I find Ben 10 school supplies???

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My son loves Ben 10 but I can't find anything but backpacks and lunch pals online. No stores have anything. I need like pencils, folders, binders, etc. He's going to be so disappointed if I can't get him what theme he's looking forward to. Any websites that any of you have been on and seen anything like that? Help me out guys!!! please




  1. local stores like woolworths

  2. Hey Cris !

    Check the Cartoon Network shops

    Ben 10 backpacks :

    Ben 10 lunch boxes:

    Check these sites too:

    Try searching in eBay and Amazon too for example type in the search '' Ben 10 pencils '' or '' Ben 10 bags ''

    Good luck xx

  3. I'm sorry. I haven't seen them anywhere but the backpacks/lunchboxes at Toys R Us. You are going to have to refer to the Internet for this one...


    Sorry, but you'll have to eBay.

    Hmmm, I wonder where the thumb down came from? I put links to school supplies, because eBay is the only source. Even the answer below posted an ebay link, the only one that actually had school supplies.



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