Where do I find my school supplies list?

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I went to WalMart to look for lists and it said to go to but it had absolutly nothing about supply lists, and I dont know where else to look... I need the supply lists for Roanoke Middle School in

Robersonville, NC.




  1. Is that in North Carolina ? Im from England lol

    try this (you need to scroll down abit

  2. Most middle school and Highschools dont have a supply list. Your teachers usually tell you what you need the first day. To be sure though call your middle school and ask.

  3. Your best bet is to call the school and explain that you are having problems accessing the website and ask that they email you a copy of the list or perhaps, tell you where you can pick one up at.

    I tried to go onto that website and found that if you click on the HELP icon, it will tell you how to register to be able to use that website.

    As far as buying the school supplies, themselves, I might suggest to look in the Sunday ads for the OfficeDepot, OfficeMax, Target, WalMart and other stores that sell office supplies to find the best deals (if you make a list from the ads, you won't waste gas going from store to store) and you might also shop at the local dollar stores, too!

  4. Your teachers will tell you what to bring the first day. If they don't, just get a binder, paper, and pencils.

  5. Well, I went to schoolnotes for you, and is not there, and I didn't see it on the school site either.  I guess you'll have to call the school and ask them where the list is!

    Good Luck!

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